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International Law and Foreign Investment

The Law Firm of Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela brings together the top experts in international law and foreign investment in Chile.  

The senior partner in charge of our international legal department is Attorney Zandra Valenzuela, professor of International law, and founding partner of Spencer Global Chile

This association allows our firm to provide a full spectrum of legal, relocation, and investment services for our clients’ projects in Chile and beyond.  From immigration for foreign executives and employees relocating to Chile, to buying real estate, to incorporation and regulatory compliance, to handling equipment imports, and product exports; we have the resources, in house, to execute client projects. All none-legal services are supervised by our legal experts to comply with the highest level of international standards and ethics.

We also have key associates and professional consultants stationed in Europe, North America, and Asia, that allow us to reach beyond the boarders of Chile to solve problems involving other jurisdictions and legal traditions. 

If you don't understand, your attorney is not doing their job. 

Communicating with our clients, is the most important thing we do. We practice law involving numerous other countries and cultures, every single day. Our international attorneys, lawyers, and associates are fully fluent in English, Spanish, and many other languages.  

We believe there is much more to providing competent legal council than merely translating words from one language to another. We believe it is our professional and ethical responsibility to our clients to insure they truly understand their rights and responsibilities. Thus, we need to provide information to our clients in the most familiar legal, linguistic, cultural context possible; in a transparent and timely manner. Only then can our clients make fully informed decisions, so we may be certain we are truly representing their best interests.

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