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The History of our Law Firm

The law firm of Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela is the latest evolution of a partnership that traces its history back to the legendary law firm of Mosquera & Asociados, founded in 1963 by the former Dean of the University of Chile Law school (The Harvard of Chile). In 1997, our senior partner Paulo Florez joined the Law Firm to become Blanco, Flores, Y Reyes. In 2008, Paulina Veloza, joined the firm to become Veloso, Flores, and Reyes. 

Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela merges with Spencer Global

In 2017, the law firm of Veloso, Flores & Reyes, merged with law firm of Spencer Global to become Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela; incorporating the international legal experience and consulting services of Spencer Global in to our newly constituted firm. The senior attorney of Spencer Global, Zandra Valenzuela, became a named manging partner of our new law firm. Charles Spencer will be general manager and head of professional consulting services division that continues to operate as Spencer Global under our firm’s umbrella of expanded client services both in Chile and Internationally.

2018 and Beyond

In 2018 we will be moving to our new offices in Santiago (completed). By mid-2018 we will be building out the existing international network of associates and professionals of Spencer Global to include new professionals and attorneys across Europe and South America. Inside Chile, we will be recruiting more experts from a diverse set of fields and backgrounds to meet an ever increasing demand to expand our repertoire of integrated services for our clients. In Europe we will be adding legal and trade consultants to better serve our clients in the Eurpean Union and surrounding countries. 


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