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Paulina Veloso Valenzuela

Senior Partner


University of  Concepción Law School
Studied Mathematics University of Geneva, Switzerland, and later taught Mathmatics at the University of Geneva. 
Post Graduate degree in Philosophy and Law, University of Chile, summa cum laude. Licensed to practice law in 1987.

Professional Activities

Partner in the Law Firm of Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela\
Director of Civil Rights Law, Litigation, and Consulting
Special Council for State Defense for the Chilean Government since 2005.
Arbitrator for Chamber of Commerce of Santiago since 2007

Academic Activities

Civil Rights Professor at the Catholic University Law School, (1988 to 2011).
Professor of University of Chile Law School (2002 to 2006)
Dean of the University of Chile Law School (1998)
Board of directors of the University of Chile Law School (2007 - 2009)
Member of the University Accreditation Commission of Chile, 2003
Member of the Commission on Social Sciences (2001 - 2004)
National Lectures in Judicial Interpretation among many other specializations. 
Author or Numerous books and articles on civil rights, family law, and regularly lectures at Legal symposiums in Chile and Internationally. 

Other Professional Activities

Resident attorney for the Appeals court of Santiago (2003-2005)
Consultant to the Chilean congress and legislators. Contributing author of numerous important legislation such as the law of family relationships, Law of Civil Matrimony, Inheritance Law, and many others. 
Representative of the Chilean government in numerous international bodies, including the OEA, United Nations, and multilateral negotiations of treaties and other conventions for Chile. 
Legal Council to the board of directors of the Mining Enacar and Carvile (1994-2006), and office of PNUD in Chile (2006 - 2008)
Member of the Presidential Council of Advisors for the control of Conflicts of interest, influence trafficking, and corruption (2015). 
Member of Council for the reform of Labor law (2016)
Defense attorney for the office of the President of Chile before the Constitutional Courts  in defense of the Digital Television law; School inclusion Law; Law of University Administration.

Political Positions

Chief of Staff to the President of Chile (Ministra Secretaría General de la Presidencia),  (2006)  
Sub-secretary of the National Women’s Service (1994- 1997).

Awards and Distinctions

Recognized by the Bar Association of Chile outstanding attorney of the year in Private Law (2005).
Recognized by the Bar Association of Chillian, outstanding attorney of the Year (2006)


Reads English
Speaks and reads French

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