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Litigation and Arbitration

There is an old saying among attorneys: a good attorney goes to court and represents their client, a great attorney makes sure they never go to court in the first place. This is a strategy we take to heart, in representing our clients interests at every step of the way. Unfortunately, disputes inevitably arise between parties that require either arbitration or litigation in the courts. Our team of experienced litigators is prepared to defend your rights, if needed; but, we also want to avoid the expense and risk inherent in litigation whenever possible. Arbitration is often one of the better tools available for resolving such disputes between parties. 

From the start, we believe it is important that continuity of an overall legal strategy be maintained to preserve our client’s rights; and, one of the best options should be to first seek to resolve any dispute with another party outside of court. We work to resolve disputes before they get started, and find cost effective methods to settle disputes out of court should there be an opportunity to do so; however, at the same time, we work to preserve our client’s rights for any future litigation or arbitration, if the parties can not reach a private agreement.

We have some of the top litigators in the country with years of experience in handling both arbitration and litigation, including Appeals Courts and The Chilean Supreme Court. We also have experience with international dispute resolution bodies, and work regularly in conjunction with partner law firms with court cases pending in foreign jurisdictions such as the United States Federal Appeals Courts.

In addition to our experience in representing clients in arbitration, our senior partner PAULINA VELOSO is a recognized arbitrator for the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.

We bring all our experience to the table, in a comprehensive strategy to win your case.

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