Torre Nueva Santa María
Av. Los Conquistadores 1730 Of. 1701
Providencia, Santiago CP 7520282, CHILE
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The Law Firm of Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela is a full service international law Firm with offices located in Santiago, Chile. In partnership with Spencer Global Consulting, we combine traditional legal services and extended professional consulting to foreign clients across Chile and around the World.

The law firm of Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela is the latest evolution of a partnership that traces its history back to the legendary law firm of Mosquera & Asociados founded by the Dean of the University of Chile Law school in 1963. The law firm of Veloso, Flores & Reyes, has most recently merged with law firm of Spencer Global, to become Veloso, Flores & Valenzuela; incorporating the international legal experience and consulting services of Spencer Global in to a our newly constituted firm. 

Our goal is to provide a seamless, “one-stop shop” for our clients by integrating traditional legal services and related professional services in one office. All of our professional consulting services are supervised by our experienced legal team, insuring the highest level of legal, regulatory, and ethical compliance to the best international norms and standards.

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